Surfing is a very common sport, practiced all around the world on beaches with good sea waves. Also, it is of two types, which are windsurfing and ordinary surfing with a board. Till today, arguments remain over which is more difficult, as fingers are pointing at each other from loyal professionals.

What is surfing ?

Surfing is a sport that involves you primarily making use of a surfboard to catch waves and ride on them till they die out. Surfing requires that you paddle away from the beach into the deep water where the waves are lying in wait. It also requires a lot of endurance due to the body stressing its shoulder muscles. Many say that surfing is difficult, though it still boils down to the individual in question. For some, it is a walk in the park, while others take a few days to grasp it.

What is windsurfing ?

Windsurfing is basically surfing through the aid of the wind. It requires a lot of patience and tenacity rather than physical strength. Windsurfing starts from learning how to balance on the board, and then pull your sail or kite out of the water. If successful, you simply ride on your surfboard through the aid of the wind as it blows the sail. Many find the major challenge to be pulling the sail and also staying in control while windsurfing. Basically, you get better and better as you practice more.

The general take is that windsurfing isn’t very difficult as it does not require you to catch the wave or too much of physical activity.

Surfing Vs Wind surfing—Which is Harder ?

From comparison and contrast, we can generally agree on surfing to be tougher than windsurfing. Firstly, this is down to the fact that surfing requires you to develop strength and stamina to paddle your way through a large body of water. You have to go deep into the sea where the waves are, and ultimately catch them, or you would probably never hit a good wave.

Also, most people confess to never catching a wave on their first day of surfing, while you never have to bother about that for windsurfing. Wind surfing only requires that you steady your board and fly your sail or kite.

Despite these differences, the question of which one is more difficult could also vary from one personal experience to another. Some have a natural knack for surfing, making it easier for them to learn than windsurfing. However, when we compare the stress and physical rigors required to learn both, surfing is certainly harder than windsurfing.