A good amount of dedication should normally see you learn windsurfing completely in a nick of time. However, when faced with something like poor weather conditions, your learning time may be drastically affected.

What are the lessons to learn in windsurfing as a beginner?

Learning to windsurf is not magic, as it only required dedication and a never-backing-down approach. The available lessons under beginners windsurfing are:

Rigging and de-rigging

There are some equipment that you require when windsurfing, and you have to start by getting conversant with them. Actually, they are quite a lot, ranging from sail to mast, boom, board, fins, universal joint, and more. Knowing how to set up is important before hitting the water. It takes around 90 minutes depending on how quickly you catch up.

Balancing on a Windsurf board

Yes, it may look like you just need to stand on it and that’s all, but it isn’t. The process of learning how to balance on a windsurfing board requires time, and that you test the waters. This lesson should take about 60 minutes on a good day.

How long would it take to finish learning windsurfing?

After the early lessons, you also have to learn the following:


The sail is like the life of windsurfing, as it is what propels you. However, it doesn’t just magically fly in the air, but instead, you need to learn how to uphaul it out of the water. Really, it can be exhausting and takes around 45 minutes to master.

Understanding and mastering the neutral position

This position is also called the safe or secure position. It is a state wherein the sail stands in a vertical position like a flag on a ship. Basically, nothing happens in this position, which is why it is a good stage to master balance. You should stay with this for about an hour.

Sail upwind

In this step, you are ready to set sail and let the wind lead you forward. In this state, you have to adopt a <strong>V</strong> stance relative to the sail, which counterbalances the power of the wind. It takes about 60 minutes to master.

Steering, Turning, and Tacking

This is the final stage to master. In this stage, you would learn the three techniques that allow you to change direction on the board. It takes about 120 minutes to master.

In all, learning to windsurf takes about 12 to 14 hours. However, it could be more or less depending on learning speed which varies from one person to another.

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