Windsurfing is a type of surfing where you basically do not ride any wave or seek to ride one. Once you are accustomed to the gear control, there’s not really more, except the addictive and dangerous adventures. This piece talks about the dangers of this sport in general.

Is windsurfing dangerous ?

Windsurfing is classified as an extreme sport, therefore it comes with the “dangerous” stamp on it. However, this mostly holds for people who are too mature to know what they’re doing or those that decide to go overboard. There is surely trouble awaiting you when you can’t control your board or gear in the water. Also, those that go extreme and do stunts, face even greater danger.

On the flip side, there’s the scenery where you take the right precautions, and do the ordinary, therefore reducing associated risks to the bare minimum. However, keep in mind that this does not remove the unexpected. For example, hazardous situations can be caused by the water or someone else.

What are the dangers of windsurfing ?

Here is a rundown of things that could go wrong when windsurfing:

Unpredictable weather conditions

There is nothing much you can do about a strong wind when it catches you on the sea. Beginners start with low wind conditions, and when the wind current suddenly increases, while on the water, things could get really rough. It is best that you master the light before getting into stronger winds.

Things going south with no one around

Anything could happen while windsurfing. The sport is often characterized by being isolated and trying to ride the wind. However, because you are on the water, people may not hear your cries if something goes wrong.

Wrong gear matching

Another thing that could go wrong when windsurfing is your gear going wrong or not fitting the right conditions in the first place. Therefore, you should always check your equipment to see if it works. For example, using a very small board or sail could be very dangerous especially if you are not used to it, or maybe your sail suddenly breaks off when in motion.

Sudden boisterous wind

Make no mistake, the wind is certainly not your friend, at least not when it blows with what you are not normally accustomed to. Stronger winds are more difficult to navigate, making it harder to control your board and rig. When currents you are not used to hit the wave, there are a lot of things that could go wrong.

Although windsurfing could be dangerous, the extent of danger is in your control to a level. Limit it by using the right gear, and not overstepping.