Is Windsurfing an extreme sport ?

Windsurfing is one of the two major types of surfing that involves you balancing on a surfboard, holding on to a sail or kite, and letting the wind do the rest. It is much fun and loved by surfers around the world. However, people consider this sport as an extreme one. Let’s find out why.   LEARN WINDSURFING

The nature of windsurfing

People ponder particularly whether windsurfing is extreme or not. Although perspective may differ from one person to another, windsurfing is generally considered an extreme sport, with good reasons.

Like all extreme sports, it involves highly physical exertion, a considerable element of danger, fast-paced moving nature, and gears to protect and help you through. However, you also have the option of avoiding all these and simply take it slow and steady to enjoy the act. Basically, you throw out the adventure for entry-level participation.

Why is windsurfing considered an extreme sport ?

Windsurfing isn’t called an extreme sport for no reason, as there are criteria it must meet to even be considered as one. Let’s take a look at them:

High risk

One of the major factors that people consider when labelling a sport extreme or not is the level of risk involved. Essentially, the higher the risk, the more extreme it is considered to be. Although it might not seem like it, when we look in-depth, there is an ever-present danger when you move beyond the beginners’ stage in windsurfing. Pulling off stunts, slicing through water at high speed, keeping notes of sudden changes in wind direction, the overall direction of the wave, and more.

High level of physical exertion

Windsurfing is certainly demanding, precisely physically demanding. It requires that you build arm and leg strength, and also engage every muscle in your body to hoist the sail in the proper direction. Even the neck has to be strained sideways to keep the eyes focused.

Fast-paced movements

You are controlled by the wind while windsurfing, and its unpredictability ensures that there isn’t really a dull moment. Basically, you have to stay awake and extremely responsive to sudden chances, or you just might be knocked off the board. Even slight body changes have consequences

Specialized gear and equipment

When a sport has provisions for sophisticated gears and equipment that aids maneuvering and protection, it surely has extreme tendencies. Windsurfing certainly passes this criterion. Although you can have an awesome experience with little or no gear, having the right equipment helps you maximize the activity.

In conclusion, meeting these three criteria, windsurfing can be safely considered to be an extreme sport. However, you can also choose to play it safe too.

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